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Default Sydney is expensiiiive...

Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
Thanks Mr K,

A customer in Australia ALREADY bought a LED Flame Hat.

Down under he paid 48.00

instead of 16.00 here on in the USA.


Hi Glenn,

You're not wrong... Almost everything is pricier here downunder...

I guess they have to transport it further. Also, can't bulk buy it as much (due to a smaller population)... Australia has a population size somewhere between Florida and Texas...

Sydney's now made it to the Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in the World! (It's #10...)

World's most expensive cities for 2018

More expensive than any US city, but still less expensive than Singapore (which is #1 for expensiveness)!

Actually, I'm a bit surprised, as I thought San Francisco / Silicon Valley would be one of the priciest...

Best wishes,

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