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Default Re: LOTTO Tickets Out-Pull Moolah 99% of The Time

Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
Thanks Millard,

When I hold up 5 Singles VS 5 LOTTO tickets.

FedX Driver


Begger on The Street.

100% Pick the LOTTO tickets.


I just had a Waitress with a full time JOB - Turn Down a 2nd Lotto Ticket.

A 1.00 bill Tip.

She said, "I feel bad you are giving me so much Money."

Chocolate KISSES work best in Grocery Stores and Banks. Where Cashiers are NOT ALLOWED to Accept money tips.


Thank you, Glenn, for testing all this stuff.

I would imagine that any time you step into a restaurant that knows you, the wait staff are fighting to get to serve you because of the good vibes they get from being around you as well as the Lotto tips.

Can you give some examples of how this happened to you?

BTW, I have always liked the examples you have given of Lotto tips to cooks and chefs and the happy results you have achieved.

Just those results might make a good ebook.


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