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Default What would it cost starting from scratch?

OK. Can you assume for a minute, I'm a total newb online, however, I have a successful conferring business offline.

So, what do I need to come on the Internet and start getting people on my mailing list?

I assume a website. What would you do today?

Also, some email software, like Aweber or such, what do you suggest?

I'm thinking out loud here Dien, but say I want to start a mailing list, brand new, folks never heard of me, you or us.

I want to bring my mystical, magical, miraculous conferring business online. To confer is different from consult, basically, in TIME. I confer for minutes, not consult for hours/days/weeks.

I want my minutes, however, to be paid as if they were hours.

So, maybe you can help me (all of us, and new people here especially).

What are the costs of getting a website up?
What does it cost for the Aweber or other list management services?

HOW fast can I build a list of responsive people?

Anyone can feel free to answer these questions, maybe we'll create a SowPub fast start HOTSHEET or a mini report from your answers, fair enough?


Originally Posted by Dien Rice View Post
Hi Gordon,

So much great stuff here...! It's a very rich smorgasbord...

I like Marlon's "carnival" metaphor, somehow I'd never come across that... Or maybe I did and I forgot... (Happens more often than I'd like to admit!)

Looking at that, I think maybe the most important thing is getting qualified people on your email list or mailing list... whatever you use, you need a way to contact them!

Getting them to "Like" your Facebook page or something like that isn't exactly the same, because even if you post on your Facebook page, not everyone will see it unless you pay Facebook to promote it to them... (That's part of Facebook's business model.)

You also don't want just anybody, you want qualified people... people who are interested in what it is you're selling.

That, in my opinion, is maybe the most important thing...

Why is it the most important thing?

Once you've got them on your email list, as long as you're keeping them happy and they keep wanting to read your emails, you can sell to them over and over and over in a way that, of course, keeps them happy and they're happy to get your stuff. It's win/win!

I always try to make every single email I send out be valuable to the reader...

(Email is different from direct mail, because with email, people legally have to have the choice to "opt out." That's not the case with direct mail... While you can just send out sales letter after sales letter with direct mail... If you just send continuous pure sales emails, many people will either opt out or block you...)

I know other people have a different model for sending out emails...

For example, I've come across some online marketers who have the model where they'll put out three valuable emails with great information, then they'll put out a pure sales email and then they'll do it again with another three great emails, then another pure sales email.

Jim Straw had a similar way of doing it. He'd send out just pure sales emails, but then he'd have his monthly newsletter where you get a lot of great info and he'd answer people's questions.

So those are a few different ways of doing it.

Great stuff here, Gordon, I'll be writing more soonish!

- Dien
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