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Default Re: Labor shortage. Retail in trouble.

I don't know if a labor shortage or just a way to save a few bucks changed the way to buy groceries here.

The large Walmart changed the checkout process where EVERYONE has to self checkout their groceries. Pull your cart up... scan your item... place in bag... next item... etc. Then check yourself out. Even with a LARGE area set up so that people can do all the check out work themselves.... long lines back up. Most people are not used to scanning and bagging, etc. A LOT of grumbling from most everyone.

So... I go to a small grocery store... and they have done the same thing there too !

Sheesh !

Maybe these things are a way to cut costs of labor or maybe people don't want to do "menial" job. Who knows.

In any case, going to the grocery store is just one more thing that's changing.
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