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Default Harvey Brody mindset coupled with someone's "formula" is the ticket to independence.

Originally Posted by nifty nonpareil View Post
Hello, Gordon ...
Hello Dien ... and everyone!
Yours is such a thoughtful post, so much sincerity and care
infused in your comments.
You’re right regarding the “old-school” Ways with not keen to self-promotion, and in this case, Harvey Brody. Well, if you’d like, one would be delighted to help sprinkle it on one’s twitter feed - - @nonpareil99. Tweet about lotsa different topics. And do remember the joy of learning and discovering from you circa 2013, and also from Lawrence Bernstein about Mr. Brody’s Toll-booth concept!
Your threads on this forum are like a blanket of peace.
Thank you for extending so generously your kind wisdom.
Aloha, nanci nicole

Thanks NN, I'll leave the twitter stuff to Dien Rice. I will however comment on Harvey Brody.

When one couples his 60+ years of continuous success with a tested and proven "formula", it becomes an unbeatable combination of strategy, tactics and continuous profits.

For me, the best match was Ben Suarez' NPGS (Net Profit Generator System) Formula found in his best selling book, 7 STEPS TO FREEDOM II.

The ideas mesh, and it isn't a surprise when one considers that Ben Suarez and his mentor, Gary Halbert both learned from Harvey Brody as did Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Joe Karbo, and a host of other successes.

I am a self proclaimed expert on both the Harvey Brody and Ben Suarez materials, as they form a solid foundation for what I do, but...and this is about a 20% but...

I add and mix techniques and strategies from other successful fields and people, most prominent being the fields of Social Services, where I spent 20 years working with persons with disabilities.


as it is with any in the application. How one USES what one knows.

There are many here who KNOW things, some have huge book shelves of other people's knowldege, who still struggle because they fail to FOCUS and follow through with their projects.

There could be better information and techniques out there, that beat Harvey Brody and Ben Suarez combined, but I am not aware of them (and I do have over 40 years in the Biz-Op field).

Thanks again for your comments.

Gordon Jay Alexander
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