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Default Re: Quite controversial...

Originally Posted by Dien Rice View Post
Hi Gordon,

Good question - what is a "cult"?

Some follow the "BITE" model... (due to Steve Hassan, who's big in the anti-cult community)... which stands for

Behavior control
Information control
Thought control
Emotion control

I guess the idea is a "cult" needs to control all of those things!

Two things have stimulated my investigation here...

One is Landmark (aka the Landmark Forum and Landmark Education)! A friend of mine got heavily into it... Those heavily into it always give them many many hours of free labor, as volunteers - even though Landmark is a for-profit company! (That the followers are giving so much free labor - particularly to a for-profit company - is a red flag in my opinion...)

The second is Trump... It dawned on me that the phrase "Fake News" is both a thought-stopping technique, and also an information-control technique... As soon as some people hear it - they stop thinking, and stop investigating... Pretty ingenious...

Best wishes,


I'll have something to say about LANDMARK later, but for BITE...

So, I see this lady almost everyday playing with her 4 kids in the parking lot of a church across the street. Four kids, all preschool age. She is a stay at home mom.

When you came to Cuyahoga Falls, and stayed at the Sheraton, across the street, one block away is a school. Been there for 70+ years.

When you were here, that woman with the four kids, was a student at that school.

Probably in the second grade. Soon, her eldest kid will be in Kindergarten there too, and all four will be there at the same time for the next 15 years or so.

This woman, and her kids, attend the church several times a week. On Sundays, pre Covid, she met with other families for a "Church Social". Did so when she was a kid, a teen, and now as a mom.

Her mother and father went to this church, so did her Grandparents, I know because I grew up in the the neighborhood, hard for me to believe her parents were just a little bit younger than me.

Her BEHAVIOR was absolutely controlled in her childhood, same as she is controlling her kids behavior today. It mirrors the behavior of generations of that family.

Her INFORMATION about life, was very controlled via the school, which has very strict interpretations on what is right and wrong and how to live.

It was the INFORMATION put in her young mind, same as she is now doing to her kids. And this particular information comes with some serious consequences if not adhered to.

THOUGHT control. She speaks like her mom, dad, grandparents, and so will her kids. She thinks like them too. So will her kids. She BELIEVES she has the right thinking for a successful life in this world.

EMOTIONAL control. She was married in the church, her emotions are closely tied to the church doctrines.

And this cult, isn't some little rural, out there, hillbilly snake handling, tongue talking fainting in the isles little cult of the Hatfields and McCoys...

Her CULT, according to BITE, is the richest, most powerful church in the world, with a CENTRAL LEADER, who has God's ear, and more importantly, God gives him divine messages.

The CATHOLIC church, and like the one across the street, has centuries upon centuries and millions and millions of people who are members of the cult.

How do they get deprogrammed?

LANDMARK (more later) by comparison to the Catholic church is a young choir boy in the back row, but, could produce many a priest in time.


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