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Default THE problem; Putin has been preparing for this for years.

While the West was distracted, with immigration, Covid, consumerism...that cagy old Taxi driver had a PLAN. He took the temperature of the world, and only after lining up a strategy to wait out sanctio.ns, he sprung his trap.

What we see is a world, Europe and USA especially, caught off guard and stunned like a deer in the headlights.

We could see a rapid end, IF Ukraine succumbs politically, because other than humanitarian support, big reluctance to be a part of it.

I know a lot of comparison to Germany's invasion of Poland which set off WW II. And there are parallels, minus the NUCLEAR options.

I feel for all of Great Britain and Europe, we have the might, but I doubt the WILL to engage Putin on the battlefield.

Hopefully the rich Oligarchs fleeing Russia have enough juice to keep Putin at bay, but a mad and hungry dog hardly obeys, Ramsey Snow (Bolton) of GOT learned that lesson.

Unfortunately, for all of us, there isn't a John Snow out there to deal with Putin, so, stay safe and get prepared as best you can.


Originally Posted by MMacGillivray View Post
I hate watching the unfolding horror in Ukraine; it would be dreadful if it tipped the world into WWIII and that's why Ukraine is getting supported by countries around the world with sanctions against Russia, military hardware, financial and other support. They keep asking for NATO support and yet it doesn't appear to be forthcoming because that would give Putin the encouragement to widen the aggression to include surrounding countries (at a very minimum).

I suppose we all personalise the trauma of events like this; I have family in Germany, friends in Finland, Sweden and Switzerland, know people in Spain and France. It's easy to get overwhelmed by fear that they will somehow be sucked into this mess.

We have a family wedding in Italy during the summer - will that happen, I wonder??

The world seemed gloomy enough when we were worrying about Covid; it's several shades darker now.

Stay safe, stay well, everyone.
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