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Default It came.

A couple of months ago, noticed something new on telephone pole across the street, then magically, because I've never seen anyone installing them, they are all over town. Yep 5G repeaters or something.

Going to start selling hoodies and ball caps, now I could be wrong, but my low grade headache started around this time.

Wonder if I flew a drone in the middle of the night and dropped a black emf curtain over them, it would be interesting to see what happens, wouldn't it.


Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
Thanks Dien,

Just watched a Video Conference with a Guy who has been Depressed and sick his whole life.

15,000 folks on the call! (Over past 2 years the guy bragged he has EDUCATED over 200,000 people)

Long story SHORT - he Got rich in spite of depression.

Travelled the world visiting Doctors and Nutrition Experts.

Finally discovered his Depression was Caused by
an OUTSIDE the body Cause -

EMF Radiation.

I thunk I was safe from 5G out here in the country side.

But I found 38 Satellites and EMF/5G Cell towers within 1.7 miles of my house. Plus a GREEDY company has discovered how to CLAMP a 5G device to any Telephone pole.

My webmaster Chris in Florida - found over 80.

If You Are Curious WHY you may be TIRED.

Can't Sleep.

And have other Health issues SNEAKING up on you.

Enter your ZIP below.

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