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Default My experience...

Hi Millard,

While I haven't done this with whole books or ebooks, I've experimented with dictating whole articles, and having them transcribed...

(Many writers in the "old days" used a similar technique. Sidney Sheldon used to dictate all his scripts and books to a secretary, who transcribed what he said...)

I recorded my dictation, then had it transcribed with or from the recording (I tried and liked both)...

I had to make some corrections where there were transcription errors, but there weren't too many...

The only thing that "bothered" me is my speaking style seems to be different from my writing style!

So I felt I had to do more "editing" with the dictation method to get the final result how I wanted it to be...

However, on the plus side, I think there were fewer problems with "writer's block"... For some reason, I am more likely to suffer from that when I physically write...

I think, for me, the first draft is easier to "write" when I dictate. But later on, there was more editing required...

Best wishes,


Originally Posted by Millard Grubb View Post
I've often wondered if audio books were a good alternative than writing an actual printed book.

Has anyone tried this?

I know that audio versions of books exist everywhere. What was interesting to me is the idea that just creating a book by speaking, instead of writing might be easier.

My experience has been to create audio products. (I have several in a couple of niches) Although I have never considered them to be audio books... just an audio information product.

Maybe I am just looking at the term audiobook as something different than audio information product. It could just be semantics.

I experimented with an online transcription service and made a 75 page report of a couple of my recordings and it worked well for me. It is almost like working backwards.... transcribe a recording to develop ebook and then have an audio of ebook as a bonus. Hmmm.
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