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Default ThankS Dien and Gomer Pyle.

As Dien just wrote and Gomer used to shout,


Watched a movie last night and a character referred to himself as a Gomer, and when asked what that meant, he didn't know but thought it meant like a hick, or a country bumpkin. Some of us remember Gomer Pyle, and that beautiful baritone singing voice.

Anyhow, Dien wrote that he thought surprise plays a role in humor and comedy, and he is right, of course (as he almost always is {and is he thinking, what do you mean almost HA})

It is a secret weapon. And a reptilian leftover of survival.

Sudden shifts, unexpected things...movement, noise, smells...could put us on alert, or tickle our fancy.

I may write a report on it. Magicians use surprise to astound us.

Copywriters, screenwriters, playwrights, advertisers, mad men, and politicians use surprise everyday. Our POTUS used surprise to get into the White House.

Trump was NOT the usual, the same-old, same-old BORING, droning and long winded say nothing politician. He surprised people.

He surprised his opponents, seasoned politicos, experienced men with family names like Bush, long term senators, congressmen, and then on election night he surprised most of the world.

Guys who wear a big red nose in a diner will surprise us, as will the person who gives us a lottery ticket.

Now there are nuances to surprise, often we might be startled...may evoke a fight/flee/freeze response, like a big rat dragging a piece of pizza down the stairs.

How to use surprise for fun and profit?

One way, is to give more than they realized they were getting. The 13 donuts in your dozen, the extra slice on your pound, the bonus they weren't expecting.

SURPRISE your customers. Give them more than they expect, it will please them, and keep you in good humor as you smile your way to the bank.

When was the last time you were surprised?


PS. There are very subtle ways to surprise the subconscious mind, without your target even knowing, if you are a student of influence, the name Blair Warren is familiar. He wrote a great BEGINNER'S GUIDE to this topic with his FORBIDDEN KEYS TO PERSUASION. Many think it is the end all of influence, but it really just scratches the surface.

Have you read it?
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