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Default The 3 Kinds of MASTERMIND GROUPS & How To Use Them

Thanks for Giving me Permission to Post Chapters
from the new BIG RED NOSE Club Website I am
creating for the Holidays here - Gordon,


The 3 Kinds of Mastermind Group
& a Case Study on How to Use Them

(EDITORS NOTE - I am Sure There are more than 3. If you have Built a Munny Making Mastermind Based Business that uses a 4th Basic MasterMind Strategy.
Email me at [email protected] - I’d love to hear what you are doing.)

Based on 26 years of Experience and Testing
I Believe there are 3 Basic Mastermind Models.

A - Mastermind Used to Brainstorm New Ideas

B - Mastermind Used to Solve BIG PROBLEMS

C - Mastermind Used to Make More Munny.


I Believe that The BIG RED NOSE CLUB Has a Foot in All 3 Kinds of Mastermind Groups.

***Please Check my thinking.

***You can Find Out if you Agree or Tell me to Go Run up a Tree.

How Dan Kennedy And I Formed
A Mastermind of TWO BRAINS
And Created A Golden-Rule-QUIZ
That Fixed My REFUND Problem

(EDITORS NOTE - Shush, Psssst. Don’t Tell Dan He is Part of a MasterMind Group with me. He DOES NOT KNOW. Cuz I never Told him.)

MY REFUND PROBLEM came to a Head
one Christmas when TWO Guys Asked
for all of their Munny Back for 100% of
their Purchases for the Entire Year.

We have a 365 day 100% munny Back Guarantee on over a 100
1-of-a-kind-Info Products - So I had to Refund several THOUSAND DOLLARS.

I Quizzed each man. They had not Lifted a Finger.

DID not Take Any Action to Test The Proven M*illion D*ollar ideas they had bought.

STEP I - I made a List of all of my buyers.

STEP II - I circled the B*uyers who had Made Munny.

STEP III - I discovered 100% Who had made Lots of moolah using the ideas they got from ME had sent in one or more 1.00 Bill or LOTTO ticket
P*ay it Forward Testimonials.

How to

When My MasterMind with Dan Popped Up out of the Blue.

Dan sent me some Audiotape Interviews with his Best Customers. I was so Impressed I bought all of Dan’s books for Peanuts at

(EDITORS NOTE - You cannot do that anymore. Amazon Ate for Lunch!)

In The Back of one of Dan’s books was some advice he had given to a New Dog Trainer to The Affluent.

This lady came up to Dan during a Break at a seminar.

ASKED HIS ADVICE on how to Get Rich Dog Owners to Pay her.

DAN Asked her Permission to BE RUDE.



Then gave the following Advice.


#2 - Don’t Go to THEM. Force the Rich Dog Owners to come to you.

#3 - Require that the Dog Pass an IQ Test - or you won’t Train The dog.

#4 - Require the OWNER to Pass an IQ Test - or you won’t Take their munny.

I loved the Psychological REVERSAL Behind Dan’s Advice.

Instead of begging, “Please B*uy from me.”

You say, “You Have to QUALIFY/Pass a Test - Before You are Allowed to BUY from me.

And I ALREADY Had the TEST mapped out.

***ELEVATOR SPEECH - “After Attending 15 Seminars full of Millionaire Biz owners. I now Interview and Consult with Self Made M*illionaires World-wide. AND sell their Secrets to Making Munny. BUT You have to Pass My Golden Rule LOTTO Ticket Test BEFORE You Are Allowed to BUY.”

***Naturally - People ask, “How do I Pass This LOTTO Ticket Test?

***My ANSWER - “I Should WARN YOU. Only 1 in 20 Pass The Test. BUT If You Go to - you will find 100 Testimonials from VIPs Who PASSED the Golden Rule Test.

ONE - Basically - You buy a few 1.00 Instant Scratch off LOTTO tickets.
TWO - Give them away to Clerks and Waitresses.
THREE - Then Email me at [email protected] - to TELL me what happens.

ACTION SUMMARY of FOUR of The Benefits
Of My New “QUALIFY Before You B*uy” Rule.

***A - Saves me a lot of wasted time. Because I Ask People to PASS The Golden Rule LOTTO ticket Test Before I will TALK to them.

COMMON SENSE - If You Can’t GIVE AWAY Munny. You Won’t Take Action on more difficult ideas Either!

***B - Refund Requests Have Dropped by 90%

***C - VIP INNER CIRCLE Members Get a Fun/Safe/Invisible STARTING PLACE to Practice the M*illion D*ollar ideas they bought from us. FLIRT TIPPING Creates RAPPORT in all directions - within which almost any Question/Suggestion/Strategy is OK to try out.

***D - We Now HIDE Proven B*illion D*ollar S*ales ideas from Self Made B*illionaires Inside the FLIRT TIPPING Situations and Strategies we Share in our F-r-e-e Big Red Nose New Idea Testing Ezine - Issues.

Guaranteeing More Explosive Results than you would Expect from simply Forking over a few 1.00 LOTTO tickets to a waitresss.

How We ADDED a Proven B*illion Dollar Idea
To Our FLIRT Testing Before Using It to
Close Consulting Clients

a - T-Mobile has been growing it’s user base faster than all it’s competeitors combined.

b - CEO of T-mobile Just BOUGHT or Merged with SPRINT to create a 146 B*illion D*ollar Biz.

c When John Legere was Hired. T-Mobile was in the RED.

d - John is a Genius at creating Rewards his S*ales Force with All kinds of Ethical Bribes And Public Praise and Recognition

c - We RECOGNIZED one of his S*ales Rewards. John’s REWARDS are Motivating his Nation-wide S*ales teams to Gross B*illions.


A B*illion D*ollar idea!

*****A QUESTION for You.
***How would YOU go About Giving Away a CONFETTI CANNON to your Mail Carrier, Garbage Truck Drivers, UPS Driver, Bank Manager, Restaurant Waitress, New Neighbor?



“Not sure.

YOU ARE STUCK for an answer, right?

But You do not have to Get Stuck in The Future.

LOTTO Ticket Tipping
Will Set you FREE!

BECAUSE I have been Writing Thank you notes with LOTTO tickets Stapled on top to all of these folks and Others too.

THEY EXPECT ME to Give Them Fun Stuff!

(EDITORS NOTE - Thank You Notes with LOTTO tickets stapled on top are EZ. “Thank you For Picking up my trash.”)

***BANK MANAGER - Knocked at her window - Shot a Confetti Cannon at her thru the Glass Window at her desk. Then HANDED her my confetti Cannon Gift.

***Mail Delivery Lady - Shot a Confetti Cannon all over her Windshield. Then Gave her one for her son.

***NEW NEIGHBOR - Shot a Confetti Cannon all over her Car in the Driveway. Then Handed her 2 more for her kids.

To Get An Appointment with Affluent
Business Owners in TWO PHONE Calls

PHASE ONE - Go to amazon and SHIP an Affluent Biz Owner
a Case of Confetti Cannon.

PHASE TWO - Call up and Tell the RECEPTIONIST, “I just sent your boss a Case of confetti Cannon as a Thank you. Don’t WORRY. It’s Bio-Degradable.
But I’d Like to Send you a PAGE Of SAFETY DIRECTIONS - in case a few of them get set off in the office. Could you PLEASE Give me your Email Address?

PHASE THREE - I Emailed the Receptionist ONE PAGE.

Very Easy to Write Cuz I just Shared my CONFETTI CANNON Tests.

DIRECTIONS on How to Use
The Case Of Confetti Cannon
That will Arrive Tomorrow.

***Got the Confetti Cannon idea from B*illion D*ollar T-Movile CEO John Legere.

1 - How my garbage men stopped busting up my Garbage Cans

2 - How my Bank Manager suddenly started Filling out all my paperwork

3 - How Waitresses give me more food

PHASE FOUR - I phone called After I emailed the PAGE OF CONFETTI CANNON Directions.

To DOUBLE CHECK with the Receptionist - that she got the Directions OK.

Because - After all - She was WORRIED - even tho I TOLD her “DON’T WORRY”

(EDITORS NOTE - Did You Catch that? What does Johnny do when you say, "DON'T JUMP in That Puddle.")

Time that Second Phone Call I was Suddenly Talking to The BOSS. The Company Owner. Who is smiling and Laughing on the phone.

Instead of a COLD First Phone Call.

You Can E-n-j-o-y a WARM and FUZZY and FUN 1st Phone Call.


P.S. - You Might Want to See my ***Confetti Cannon S*ales Journal.*** So You Can Make Some Extra DINERO from LOTTO ticket and Confetti Cannon Tipping.
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