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Default Quite controversial...

Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post
Well, the word itself is a trigger for many people. My dad thought and taught that the Catholic Church was a cult. I doubt many Catholics think that, eh?

So, what is a cult? Sort of like porn maybe, can't define it, but know it when I see it.

And we've seem some off the charts behavior, culminating with the attack on the Capitol, and we've only just begun.

I suspect many of these cultists, don't understand the difference between mouthing off on the Internet, and taking action in the real world, where they can't hide behind anonymous musings in their groups.

From a marketing stand point, and my view, being an Old Timer running on fumes, I'm gonna dance with the Bae I brung to the party.

Although selling to cults can be quite lucrative, especially if you are an undercover ATF agent, ha!
Hi Gordon,

Good question - what is a "cult"?

Some follow the "BITE" model... (due to Steve Hassan, who's big in the anti-cult community)... which stands for

Behavior control
Information control
Thought control
Emotion control

I guess the idea is a "cult" needs to control all of those things!

Two things have stimulated my investigation here...

One is Landmark (aka the Landmark Forum and Landmark Education)! A friend of mine got heavily into it... Those heavily into it always give them many many hours of free labor, as volunteers - even though Landmark is a for-profit company! (That the followers are giving so much free labor - particularly to a for-profit company - is a red flag in my opinion...)

The second is Trump... It dawned on me that the phrase "Fake News" is both a thought-stopping technique, and also an information-control technique... As soon as some people hear it - they stop thinking, and stop investigating... Pretty ingenious...

Best wishes,

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