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nifty nonpareil
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Default Re: Buy a cow, pay for it with its own milk. A Harvey Brody audio.

Hello, Gordon ...
Hello Dien ... and everyone!
Yours is such a thoughtful post, so much sincerity and care
infused in your comments.
You’re right regarding the “old-school” Ways with not keen to self-promotion, and in this case, Harvey Brody. Well, if you’d like, one would be delighted to help sprinkle it on one’s twitter feed - - @nonpareil99. Tweet about lotsa different topics. And do remember the joy of learning and discovering from you circa 2013, and also from Lawrence Bernstein about Mr. Brody’s Toll-booth concept!
Your threads on this forum are like a blanket of peace.
Thank you for extending so generously your kind wisdom.
Aloha, nanci nicole
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