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Default 1st Pink Teddy Bear Test Trying to Imitate Gary Halbert

Thanks Gordon,

You Asked me to Report back on my Giant Pink Teddy Bear Experiments.

So Here We Go.

WHY am I doing this?

(EDITORS NOTE - I Believe Gary Made some MAGICAL DISCOVERIES while Knocking on Doors. Some Mysterious Things Happened Inside Gary Halberts BRAIN while he was Selling Encyclopedias and Vacuum Cleaners Door to Door. He said he was knocking on 40 Doors Each Evening. I knocked on doors, as a teen, to sell Vegetables from our Garden. 40 Doors is a LOT!)

Because Gary Halbert Discovered IF he painted his Caddy PINK.
WOMEN ran over to his car and Started to Talk.
Got More Excited The More They Talked About How much They LUVVED the HOT PINK CADDY.

Women DRUGGED Themselves.
Started to Act DRUNK.
Literally Got HIGH.
(ONLY then would Gary Ask Them Copywriting QUESTIONS. Which Explains how Gary is the ONLY PERSON I ever Saw Empty a room by Reading a Sales Letter. 99% of the Audience Literally RAN Outside to Spend 2 Grand. 100 people X 2K = 200K Folks!)

(Scientists have recently discovered WHY Facebook is so Popular. Millions of folks Talking about What they are eating, Drinking, Buying, Window shopping, sending Pics, Texts, Sharing their Lives. TALKING ABOUT YOURSELF Triggers Happy Brain Endorphins - And You DRUG YOURSELF!)

Which means Gary Halbert was Years and Years AHEAD of his Time.

Gary DRUGGED 100's of people a day.
Then ASKED them, "Which headline, Reason Why, Offer, Price Point Do You LIKE BEST?

(I interviewed one of Gary's "Copy Cubs" who Complained about How Boring it was to Drive For Gary. Women ran over to the PINK car. Yak yak yak. Then GARY Would Say, "I am A World Famous Writer. Which Headline do You LIKE BEST?". The Poor SOB Had a front Row Seat to Gary's Copywriting TESTING System. But Was BORED.)

My Plan is to BORROW Gary's Method.

DRUG Readers with (PICS of Pink Cadillacs and Pink Teddy Bears.) DRUG Readers with their own ENDORPHINS.

And Get them to Read My Articles and Reports and E-books.

I am going to Enter a Short Story Contest
or 2 and Test This out.

PINK TEDDY BEAR TEST #1 - (Gary always said, "Pull out all the Stops on Test #1 Or You will Always WONDER "WOULD THAT HAVE WORKED IF I HADN'T GOTTEN LAZY?")

So In The Pic and 30 Second Video.

The Giant Pink Teddy Bear is WATCHING ME - While I wash a Pair of Blue Jeans in
a 5 Gallon Bucket - 2 Feet From The Road - With my do LAUNDRY WAND.

I Am Feeling Enthusiastic so I Might JUMP around a bit.


P.S. - TOTAL FAILURE. Passing Drivers and Bycycle-ists Didn't Even Slow Down.
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