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Default How to teach your newborn baby to sleep through the night.

This HEADLINE has very little appeal, to most of us. But I know at least one guy who is going to be thinking about it over the summer.


As I am writing the script for the coming video, PICTOGRIGM OF PERSUASION, I thought I would share some of these things as I am working on them.

First thing. Premise of POP is, we all live in our own little worlds (bubbles) of PREOCCUPATION.

Second thing. It is about persuasion and influence, and is a sold foundation for all three types of effective persuasive communication.

A. Direct. Face to face. Includes one to one, one to few or group, or group to group. Mostly done in real time, although they can be recorded. Two way communication (or can be).

B. Remote contact. Face Time on your iPhone, Zoom, Facebook messenger Skype, webinars and also is two way communication, mostly.

C. REMOTE REMOVED. This is one sided communication found in sales messages, email, TV, radio (although talk radio is B), web sites, podcasts and and is the most difficult to achieve.

It is not easy when you can't read the body language, or get instant feedback from your TARGET, you have to take an

EDUCATED guess, by knowing as much as possible about your Target and why they are the target for whatever you have to offer, including persuading mind set or trying to sway opinions.

The POP is an excellent TOOL for all 3 ways but it is focused on the C. Remote Removed and shows a transaction, an exchange of value taking place. I did this one for marketers, copywriters and salespeople.

On the POP you see the curtain, or veil, or wall which separates you from your target, they can not see you or hear you, although in A and B above this curtain is pulled back and you can be seen...but the process is the same either way.

On the right side is the person you are trying to influence, on the left is you and all you know and your experience.

Since we all live in our own little bubbles of preoccupation, the most important thing on the POP is in the middle bottom, called


They are chugging down their track, oblivious to your or your product's existence, going about their day, and believe it or don't, they don't wake up with the idea of you invading, intruding and interrupting their day.

So you best make the interruption worth their while. Right?

The critical mistake marketers and copywriters make is the failure to use the HRT. They try to agitate the pain, but often miss the mark because they are only guessing what that is and haven't done enough research on their targets.

Some people have gotten to a very advanced place with their sales technique.

I'll tell you what that is, and as simple as it is...or appears to be, it is built upon years and years of study, application, results and testing.

But most fall way way short...and what it is, is a simple two word "formula" for all effective persuasion and influence and sales.

I hope to take a few of you to this point/place on your track of understanding human behavior.

ATTENTION to SATISFACTION. Master these, everything in between becomes filler.


PS. Recording on Sunday, if you have any questions you would like addressed let me know, if we can't cover on this video, we'll do a supplemental one.

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