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Originally Posted by Ankesh View Post
His answer was, “I really never caught any fish because I have never used any bait.” Most people were shocked and thought he was crazy so they asked, “Why in the world would you fish without bait?” His answer? “Because when you fish without bait, people don’t bother you and neither do the fish. It provides me my best time to think.”

Hi Ankesh,

Thanks - great story!

I'm reading this very interesting book at the moment... "The Luck Factor: The Four Essential Principles" by Richard Wiseman (a psychologist).

Richard Wiseman has been studying people who consider themselves "very lucky", and (for comparison) also been studying people who consider themselves "very unlucky". He's been trying to figure out if there is something to it - do "lucky" people do things different than "unlucky" people? He's found that they do...

Anyhow, one of the things he found is that - according to tests he's given them - "lucky" people seem to use their "intuition" more than "unlucky" people do. He doesn't consider this "magical" or "mystical" - since your "intuition" perhaps could be your subconscious mind giving you feedback, based on what it "knows" which you may not be consciously aware of. (Perhaps it is accumulated experience you've had, which remains stored in your subconscious mind, and doesn't really surface in your conscious mind...)

He found that "lucky" people were more likely to things designed to improve their "intuition" - things like meditate, or simply taking a break before coming to a critical decision (giving their subconscious mind time to work on things). Then, they were more likely to go with their "gut feel"...

Your "Edison" story made me think of this - perhaps he was honing his own "intuition"!

Thanks for sharing that, Ankesh...


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