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Default Prefer NO email. The 7 solutions to the BIG problem of lack of money.

Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post

PS. Many people have just ONE problem, a lack of money.

There are 7 Solutions to this problem. The now: borrow, sell, advances...the future; business, investments and work and a lifetime; savings.

If you have the ONE problem, now you have 7 solutions.

OK, public discussions please?

Here at SowPub, lack of money is not as common, as say, the Warrior Forum, where it seems everyone in the world is broke (except those selling WSO)

But still...

No money or not enough of it is BIG problem.

The 7 solutions, a look, quickly at each one.

BORROW. NOT the best route, but on occasion in a pinch, sometimes it gets you through a crisis. Family and friends come in, and lenders, who want collateral also.

SELL STUFF. Better way for quick cash, sell something, your car, or TV, or the neighbor's curb throwaways.

We've talked a ton about selling, and fleamarketflipper has some good examples of stuff to find to sell.

ADVANCES. Sometimes, your work, especially if a contractor, will give you some quick cash. It is not unusual for a contractor to get a % of the job up front, before any work is done. Some bosses might consider this, or some marketers may advance a payment, as to a copywriter, some of whom get the full amount up front. Gary Halbert used to get $15,000.00 up front before he did anything.

Good if you were Gary, not so good if you gave him the advance and got nothing for it, eh?


WORK. NEED more details.


Businesses. You can start one from home with nothing more than a post at a forum, OPEN FOR BUSINESS. We see this everyday with the copywriters, content writers, SEO experts, web builders, designers, editors, graphics or anyone with a skill.

Easy to start. But it does require some i's dotted and t's crossed, as in obeying local laws about permits, TAXES and signage.

WORK. Isn't that what we want to avoid? NOT if you want to get out of the dire straights and into smoother sailing. Work is not a dirty word. You don't get paid for doing nothing.

Savings. Also, not for the pennyless.

So, of the 7 solutions, it looks like

DOING SOMETHING Clean headlights.
STARTING SOMETHING A business, service or product.

I'll answer questions as they are posted, otherwise, here are the 7 solutions for not enough money.

But, it could be as simple as a kit of soap, and PRESTO, you're in the AMWAY, MLM, NETWORK marketing business. Fortunes have been made. NOT a quick cash method, however.

ABSENTEE OWNED, WELL not for you with not enough money, so skip that one for now.

Service business, where you DO something (scoop up the dog poo) or
PRODUCT business, where you sell something. Reports are that Internet Marketing/eCom has taken over for mlm when it comes to the most started (and quit) businesses today.

INVESTMENTS. Also, NOT for you of the strapped for cash crowd, unless you invest your time into education.

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