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Default Big-Red-Nose-Club Members ONLY

Thanks Gordon,

We have an ELITE - TOP SECRET Group of Bored
Entrepreneurs who call or email us up At the
"Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association" and
"Big Red Nose Club New Idea Testing Ezine" and say, "I'm Bored.
Give me Something DANGEROUS to Test."

And what do you think We Answer?

We Say, "Sure. How CRAZY do you Feel today? Which one of the following NUT BUNNY - Mad Scientist - No-Net-To-Save-Your-Ass -
B*ILLION D*OLLAR Ideas do you wanna TRY OUT FIRST?

Below is the letter I
Added Lots of Case Study
Details to.

You can follow along as we Make New Discoveries
via The MAGIC of the MASTERMIND.

I confess.

This is the part of the MASTERMIND CONCEPT I Like Best. The Unpredictable,
Dangerous - Dunno what will happen next aspect.

FOR the 2018 Holidays we're building
an Entire new Website for BIG RED NOSERS.

Notorious Big Red Nose Club Guide
On How To Grab Extra C*ash By Helping
Us Test B*illion D*ollar Ideas That
TRUST LEVELS Are Required for Success.

Long Story/Short: IF I QUALIFY - You Can Join A SECRET Big Red Nose Club
Mastermind Group Of Brilliant/Bored Entrepreneurs Who
ENJOY Testing DANGEROUS New Ideas We Spot Groups of
Self Made B*illionaires Using.

(EDITORS NOTE - The Following Letter was Written to Answer Recent REQUESTS on How To JOIN the EXCLUSIVE Big Red Nose Group.)

Thanks for Asking about the Big Red Nose
Test to Find People Who exhibit - COCKSURETY.



HOW IT ALL STARTED - MASTERMIND MEMBER - Saw a Comedian tell a joke about Red Clown Nose stopping road Rage.

That Entrepreneur wore a clown nose
And waved at 2 pretty women at red light on his way to work.

They pulled over and got his number!
For a double date.

He told me about it. He is married. So had to toss out their Digits.

BECUZ this Guy is a Super SALESMAN… I knew he had gotten Massive Levels of TRUST very fast - BEFORE he put on the CLOWN NOSE. Or he couldn’t have gotten 2 Phone #’s from 2 Perfect Strangers.

SO I Tested The RED NOSE Idea Myself.

Step I - I pulled up beside a car full of coeds at a red Light. I did a small wave to the Coed in the Back Seat.

Step II - She finger wiggled back. So I SMILED and Waved Bigger.

Step III - Another Girl spotted my wave. And that I had a connection with the SHY little brunette in the back seat.

STEP IV - While they were TEASING her about her “Relationship” with an older man. I bent over and got my RED CLOWN NOSE out of the Glove Compartment.

STEP V - Put it on. Then TURNED and Gave a HUGE SMILE and Wave to ALL 6 Girls in the car. Who were ALL Looking at me by now.

STEP VI - It was Like a SCREAM BOMB had gone off. The coeds were Laughing so Hard they could Barely draw breathe to SCREAM.

The HOWLING went on and on.

Then their Car Started to Wobble and Bounce around. All of the Girls were Jumping up and down. Hanging out the windows in GLEE.

I Figured I had done my good DEED for the Day. PUT a SMILE on 6 Girls Faces. So I slowly drove away as the Light Changed.

2nd test Car to Car - Again - I was at a Red Light. Only 2 cars. Me and a Car full of African Americans with their MUSIC Blaring.

I got my RED NOSE Ready.

But since they were in the Fast Lane (Me in slow lane 3 lanes over) - BEHIND ME - and to my far Left - I Started Waving my ARMS out my window to the music.

I heard the words, “I’m gonna show that white boy how it’s done.” And a black gal jumped out of their car. Started shaking her hips as she walked around Their Car.

I Jumped out of my car. (Quick Like a Bunny - No time. Cuz the Light was gonna Change.)

Wiggled my hips and Arms some. TO GREAT Laughter.

Then put on my RED CLOWN Nose.


Pointed Both arms at the Girl Dancer. Gave her a BIG THUMBS up.

Then got back in MY car and Drove off.


You guessed it. By Warming things up by Arm Waving. Then Staggering Around
outside to the music. By the time I put on my RED NOSE - They LIKED ME. Thought I was a funny - skinny white dude.

And When I put on my RED Nose - the Lady dancer Started SCREAMING with Laughter to the point where she could Barely Stand Up.

Great fun.

3rd test on little boy in back seat at a Stop Light.

I waved at him.

He waved Back.

I put on my Red nose and waved. He Laughed. Then Reached into the front seat to poke his mom.

Quick as a Flash I TOOK off my RED NOSE.

I drove away during a HUGE ARGUMENT. Obviously The kids Parents were Trying to convince him he was SEEING things.

4th RED NOSE TEST - Hooters Restaurant - Sat with 4 college guys i met in line.

Bet them i could get the waitress to wear clown nose.

(They pay for lunch if i win)

Then offered Hooters Waitress 20.00 bill or 20 Lotto tickets

And, of course, i was wearing MY Red Nose.

Plus i told her to expect bigger tips due to extra male attn.* Which DID happen.


I met every guy in HOOTERS on my way out the door.* The Manager was coming after me. And he was NOT Laughing.

Apparently I had created a DISRUPTION.

Wow did we get LOTS of Attention!

Lots of Yelling and Pointing too. Cuz the Hooters Gal was wearing the RED NOSE and so were all the guys at My Table. So it was CLEAR who the Culprits were.

In the ensuing RIOT - the manager was blocked. And I escaped out the door.
I didn’t EXPECT to create a Riot.

It just Happened.

RED NOSE TEST #5 - Wally - A Bored Special Forces guy, who was back in college on the GI bill But HATED MUSIC APPRECIATION.

Asked me to help him STIR THINGS UP.

I told him my Hooters story.

He loved the IDEA.

(EDITORS NOTE - We Tried to Guess what would happen. EZ to figure out the Professor would HATE the Red Nose Speech. The coeds would Laugh. The college boys we couldn’t Guess their reaction.

Wally started his speech - then bent to put Red Nose on. Stood back up and kept talking.


Girls pointing and Cheering. Much Applause. But the Professor went to the back of the room. And criticised everything Wally said.

THAT Was Predictable.

Wally was SAYING - without words - “Your Music Class is Boring.”

Weird Result.

We Never would have guessed THIS REACTION in a Million Years.

The Red Nose story got all over campus.

Little nerd college guys would scurry up to Wally and say, " Are you the Red Clown Nose Guy? "

"I want to shake your hand.




I Warned Willy we did not know what might happen.
But after jumping out of planes - all over the world.

Wally wanted some excitement.



This is the test to Join
The BIG RED NOSE CLUB. Which Earns you FIRST DIBS on the Various WILD and CRAZY Strategies using by Self Made B*illionaires around the world.

That is just the Tip of the iceberg!

Lots more Crazy than that.

We Order Red foam clown noses at by the dozen.

Please let me know
What you want to Try.

I can advise you based on 100's of
BIG RED NOSE TESTS over 22 years.

Big Red Nose Mastermind MAD SCIENTIST Tester.

P.S. - Here is a Link to some of the Red Clown Noses I buy.
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