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Default Re: Buy a cow, pay for it with its own milk. A Harvey Brody audio.

Dear Gordon!!! Gordon Jay!
Sending you [and all at Dien’s forum] every blessing to your 2021!
Pardon for just seeing your reply today, and know that your feedback of thoughtfulness and clarity remain the light of day.
Accidental with revisiting the SOW forum today, and so an honour to receive your blessings and teachings “today.”
Highlighting a takeaway from your post that uplifts to the teeee.
Thank you again, Gordon Jay for your time with writing back.
Aloha, nn

as it is with any in the application. How one USES what one knows.
There are many here who KNOW things, some have huge book shelves of other people's knowldege, who still struggle because they fail to FOCUS and follow through with their projects.” - by GJA ]
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