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Default I don't want to be made into alien roast dinner!

Hi Gordon,

I think... if you can get people to believe in it, there's definitely cash there for you!

You can get people to pay you to protect them from becoming alien dinner...

There are certainly wackier (or at least as wacky) ideas out there...

I haven't seen it really discussed, but I'm thinking that some sort of "conspiracy theory" is a big part of many cults...

("Secret knowledge" I think is always part of a cult. A "conspiracy theory" is a type of secret knowledge... but not the only type...)

Many conspiracy theories can never be disproven. You just need to make the conspiracy theory wider to counter any arguments...

For example, let's say the "lizard people" conspiracy says that John F. Kennedy Jr. was one of the secret alien lizard people...

Someone who objects might say, well, the coroner examined his body and didn't find any evidence that John F. Kennedy Jr. was one of the lizard people!

The response could be... Of course the coroner wouldn't reveal it... The coroner was one of the lizard people too!

So... you can never prove it isn't true. They can always reply to objections by broadening the conspiracy...

Best wishes,


Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post
Good news for me then. -
See, during a meditation down at the Falls on the Crooked River, I was visited in a dream from what I took as a Fairie??, sort of a tinkerbell thought...anyhow, she/he IT told me the tale of the 3 gods...

Three seperate groups of aliens who visited Earth eons ago. One was tall, dark and strong, wanted to make earthlings (as they were) in their own image, sort of clones I guess.

The second group wanted to breed Warriors, to help them conquer other worlds...and planted the seeds of war in the hearts of men, such as they were.

The third group said, Eat UP, enjoy the fruits of earh, go forth and multiply.

Depending on which group returns first, the fate of the Earth will be

the clones will be the worker bees on a distant planet OR

We become the front lines of intergalatic warfare, being expendable and all...

then the third fate, and most likely will be

the third group's THANKSGIVING is coming, and we're just about fat enough and there are enough of us for their harvest. (It is a recipe book!!!).

So, how do I cash in on this conspiracy theory?

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