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Default CH#3A - How 4 LOTTO Tickets Made Zeke 950 Bucks

Thanks Dien,


“How PRACTICE-Lotto-Ticket-Flirting With Pretty Girls
Builds You “CHOPS” You Can Use To Make-Money ELSEWHERE…”


Since I have a 1.00 bet with an Affluent Client in Macau China - that it will BE
YEARS and YEARS before ai-robots can Legally Drive Cars (without a driver) in
the USA. And Bob-the-Tesla-Car-Owner thinks Driverless Cars are Right Around
the Corner. HA! (Check out Letter “C” Below. Robot Are Not READY for This!)


Because I Just Experienced The FLAT TIRE FROM HELL.

Chapter #3 Contains:

A - “How 4 Instant Scratch Off LOTTO Tickets Make Zeke 950 Bucks”

B - “Lotto Ticket Strategy to Get LEADS for A Home Flipping Biz - “

C - “How I Pocketed 70 Bucks Fixing The FLAT Tire From HELL “

“How 4 Instant Scratch Off LOTTO Tickets Make Zeke 950 Bucks”

Hey Glenn!

I’ve been doing great jus wanna tell ya that I used lotto tickets to negotiate a price on a truck!

It’s a 1996 dodge ram 1500 single cab but it’s a start lol especially after the wreck.

But n e who I’ve been working my 9-5 now I work at the airport (Hartsfield Jackson international) doing the ceilings there.

I was on my lunch break talking to guy that works for another trade (electric company) bout the attorney that I used for my accident and we happened to come across him selling his sons truck. The son was gone in the marines and he wanted to sell his truck because he was gonna buy all new everything when he came home.

So I asked him how much he was selling it for he said he was let it go for 2100. Now for that truck and the low miles for the year it had on it that wasn’t a bad price! So I asked him can I come to check it out. We set up a time for that weekend around 2 or 3 pm. I was so nervous going to look at the truck because I only had was 800 bucks on me lol and I had to pay 38 of that to a uber jus to get there!

So I get there it’s a very nice truck he started it up and let me test drive it around. When everything was said and done it was time to show the cash. I looked him dead in his eyes and said to be honest I don’t have what your asking for the truck whats will be the lowest you’ll take? He thought about it for a sec then he said 1750. I said is that your very bottom dollar? He said it wasn’t his truck to sell but to oversea the sell and that’s what his son said that’s the lowest.

So I pulled out my 800 and asked him would he take that to not sell it to no one else.

He said that’ll be cool then I pulled out my last 4 lotto tickets and gave it to him and said thank you! He gave me a weird look and started to smile while asking me whats are these for?

I told him I hopefully jus gave you the rest I’m short by and I’m pretty lucky. He laughed at me and took the tickets. He scratched one right then and there and kinda paused after he did. Then he said you were right I jus won 40 bucks off this ticket you jus gave me.

I Thought I Was Tripping!

I laughed and said told you so! He then said you know what here nd he gave me the keys and the title to the truck!!! I was shocked at first and thought I was tripping! I asked are you serious? He said yeah! So without giving it a second thought I shook his hand and thank him very much! He signed his sons name and I drove off in the truck!!! Ill send ya pics of it after I clean it up a little lol it has a lot of papers and junk thrown around in there.


“Lotto Ticket Strategy to Get LEADS for A Home Flipping Biz - “

Hi Glenn,

I met Sharon at the gas station. We both stood at our cars, and happened to glance over at each other at the same time. I could tell she's was a much older lady and looked a little agitated. She went into the store, and I purposely waited for her to exit so I could time her seeing me place a lotto scratch-off ticket in her windshield wiper.

When I saw her exit, I walked over to her car and begin placing the ticket. By this time, she had gotten back to the car, and ask what was I doing. I apologized to her, told her my name and said, "I'm sorry, but the Lord wanted me to give you this." I handed her the scratch off and walked back to my car. She asked, "That's it?", and I told her, Yes. While walking back to my car, I told her that I just wanted to be a blessing. She smiled and was shocked.*

A few days later, I happen to run into her at Kroger. While standing in the aisle talking, she told me that she used the ticket. I asked her to tell me about it. She said that day, she thought her debit card was acting up at the pump so she had gone inside to use it. Well.... it still declined. She didn't know why it was declining and was frustrated.

She said that she was going to sit and wait for a friend to bring her money for gas, and seeing me messing with her car wasn't anything she had time for at that moment. She said that after I left, she called her friend. While sitting there waiting, she*found out that things had come out of her account that put it in the red.

She had no money for gas and was pissed. Something told her to scratch the ticket, but she ignored it and continued to feel upset. The had the thought again and decided to go ahead and scratch the ticket. That ticket won her another ticket. She hesitantly walked back into the store to get another ticket; which she immediately scratched and won $20*bucks. She said that she screamed and cashed it in to get gas.*

She said that she wanted to call me and tried to remember the number that was on my door magnets, but couldn't remember. She thanked me with a big hug and took down my number.*

Of course you have my permission to use the testimony.* Joe

"590.00 Saved on New Tires From LOTTO Ticket Tipping - "

Thanks Glenn,

We spoke on the phone about some things that I'd received by USING*
Lotto Tipping

Okay .* .* .

The biggest one this year 2018 was at a Tire Repair/Replace Shop.**


I go in maybe an average of* 2-3 times a year. New tire, check up, a patch, rotation/alignment*
Always LOTTO TIP The Staff.

After a couple Years…

They Have
On Me!

So You get SPECIAL TREATMENT Written into the System
Pretty Nice...Isn't it?

Now I had 2 BAD back tires. One had a broken belt
and the other had gotten down to the rot.* The new
research, they say, about putting tires on SUVs/Trucks.

Put them on the BACK first. Of course the CHATTY
technician explains everything, ranks every tire and explains
ALL Options To Me!

I get a DEAL on the best 'Discoverer' tires. They look SNAZZY
$280 for 2 tires, I got for $250 due to VIP LOTTO STATUS

After waiting for the install, they bring my SUV around
I notice the SNAZZY Tires are on the FRONT instead!

After going in and tipping a couple more tickets…

The Manager Takes Care of it and I have a seat
waiting for them to fix it.

When he comes back, the Manager notes that I got TWO FREE TIRES
Now All 4 are the Awesome new tires. Normally $280.*
My jaw drops !*

. . . AMAZING ! . . .*

I got the whole other set for no charge. Gave the manager 2 lotto tickets more
and promised a great review on Google and social media
Which I will SHARE With Them Of Course for more bonus stuff

Almost $600 (590.00 total) worth of premium new tires on my car , no install or service fee , for just $255-260 or so if you COUNT Lotto Tickets.

Lotto Magic, Reciprocity Works !

Have Fun,

Turn to CH#3 Part B -- for the REST of the Story.

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