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Default Book #1 - "How You Can Make MUNNY Flirting w/Pretty Girls

Thanks Dien,


“How You Can Make Munny Flirting w/Pretty Girls”


Using Discoveries Made By Our World-Wide-Flirt-Tip-Testing
Mastermind Network.

BECAUSE we Hide B*illion D*ollar Ideas Inside FLIRT TIPPING
Case Studies to Make it Easy For BIG RED NOSE CLUB Members
to Test Hi-Leverage S*ales Ideas without Having to RISK Losing a S*ale.

For Example:

You Are Benefitting from MASSIVE ***NEER*** LEVERAGE Every Time You FLIRT TIP in a Local Restaurant or Business.


***A - Why You Cannot Find NEER Details anywhere else.

***B - How NEER is Different and Better than Ordinary Referrals

***C - How We SNEAKED NEER into Flirt Tip Testing Case Studies and Testimonials to Virtually GUARANTEE your Flirt Tipping Success.

***A - Why You Cannot Find NEER Details anywhere else.

NEER stands for (Naturally Existing Economic Relationship) Selling.

426 Mil Mentor - Walter Hailey - Grossed B*illions with his NEER Self Referral System. Started, Built, Took Public and s*old 4 Companies in 4 Different Industries.

Wrote down, Recorded or VideoTaped DETAILS on How His B*illion D*ollar NEER Referral Sales System worked. He told me, “NEER is my hidden Advantage over all my competitors.”

We S*old 17 seats at the 10K bootcamp Walter held in his home.
We P*aid Walter 44K to come back again and again.

To Get Those Details and NEER Questions Answered.

***B - How NEER is Different and Better than Ordinary Referrals

We all grew up with “Regular Referral Systems.”

But have you Really THOUGHT about how “Normal” Referral Systems Might be More difficult than they need to be. Maybe even BROKEN?


Normally You and I Are Asking our Businesss Contacts to REFER Us to their Customers. People who are P*AYING them munny.

FEAR Blocks most Referrals!


Because The Business owner who MIGHT REFER is SCARED you will do something that makes his buyer MAD. And Stop Doing Business with him.

You say, “Oh. I never thought of that.”

Well - Walter Did.

Here is How Walters NEER Referral System Works:

I - You Get an Appointment with ONE PHONE call because you ONLY
ASK your Suppliers for Referrals. (You pay The Supplier munny - so he HAS to Talk to a good customer.)

II - Your Supplier MAKES MORE MUNNY - Each time she Refers. Cuz as your Business Grows (With each of their Referrals) You b*uy More of that Suppliers Products and Services.

III - After You EXPLAIN How That Supplier Makes MORE Munny With every Referral They Give you. They are EAGER to Refer You Dozens of Clients.

IV - And JUST SUPPOSE you Help the Supplier USE NEER to Get NEW BUYERS from their Suppliers? (You can ASK FOR and Get New Clients from your Suppliers VEndors too! In Fact they are HAPPY to Reciprocate.)


ASK YOURSELF this Question - “How do Getting Referrals Via NEER - and My Business Suppliers Help me be more Successful FLIRT TIPPING at Local Restaurants, NightClubs, Banks, Food Stores?”

Let’s THINK.


Fire up the Old Brain Cells.

NEER Gives you Massive Referral P-ROFIT LEVERAGE because You Ask Your Suppliers for Referrals. Business Owners You PAY REGULARLY.


Q #1 - Don’t You Pay Munny to Your FAVORITE Local Restaurants, Sports Bars, Dry Cleaners, Wal-Mart, Grocery Store, Bank Manager, Car Dealership?

Q #2 - Do Your Competitors Flirt Tip 1.00 Bills and Lotto Tickets and 1.00 LED IceCubes BEFORE and DURING Meals - to the Waitress?

Q #3 - Do You See Anybody ELSE Sending LOTTO Ticket Tips Back to the Cooks in the Kitchen VIA the waitress?

QUESTION #4 - Does Anyone But YOU Apply “Andrew Carnegie’s B*illion D*ollar Competition SECRET. To Compete the Waitress and The Cooks AGAINST Each other in a Race to See Who WINS the most LOTTO Munny?

As Homer Simpson would say, “DUH”

Heck no.

You Can Be THE KING or THE QUEEN at Any Local Restaurant or other Retail Establishment that you Patronize Frequently.

Everybody KNOWS Your Name. (As the Cheers TV Jingle goes.)

Everybody WANTS to Help you.

KEEP READING to Find Out How Our Clients are Making Munny and Getting Customer Referrals from the Pretty Girls they Flirt Tip Regularly.


P.S. - You Want to Know More about The Self Referral System Walter Hailey
grossed a B*illion dollars with?

I Wrote an Ebook About NEER and How We Use it to help 12 Clients.
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