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Default How the "funny" can make "munny"!

Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
Thanks Gordon,

We have an ELITE - TOP SECRET Group of Bored
Entrepreneurs who call or email us up At the
"Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association" and
"Big Red Nose Club New Idea Testing Ezine" and say, "I'm Bored.
Give me Something DANGEROUS to Test."

And what do you think We Answer?

We Say, "Sure. How CRAZY do you Feel today? Which one of the following NUT BUNNY - Mad Scientist - No-Net-To-Save-Your-Ass -
B*ILLION D*OLLAR Ideas do you wanna TRY OUT FIRST?
Hi Glenn,

Thanks again for sharing some AWESOME tips and true stories!

(Yes, I'm a fan... )

I've met some super-duper salesmen in my time... One thing I've found many of them have in common, is they make you LAUGH...!

They're fun to be around!

When you've got someone laughing... Their guard goes down...

And they WANT to do business with you!

Yes, I've observed it in myself!

Some people say, sales is not about humor...

But, while it is true that humor BY ITSELF may not make the sale, I do believe it can help - if it helps to "melt" someone's skepticism and resistance...

Thank you so much, Glenn, I always gain a lot from your lessons and stories...!

Best wishes,

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