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Default Re: A tale of two webinars.

Thanks, as always, for the detailed reply Gordon.

But what had to be better back then wasn't the content (the book, report or newsletter) it was the PROMOTION.

Ok. So, for what I understand the promotion had to be very good.

However, if I take stuff from Earl Nightgale or even Napoelon Hill, I found a LOT of substance. I take a book of John Caples on direct response, and probably each chapter has more substance that of many or these today "gurus" entire courses. I can be wrong, I am not actualized enough to say it.

Maybe the present "biz opp market" is more lazy, less selective, BUT have more money to spend and it is easier to buy information today that before.

I don't think this is accurate. There were many, many best selling books in the 1970/80's which sold well, but the information was for crap. Like those many best selling Real Estate with no money down type BS.

Ok, but on 60's and ages before I believe the quality of the content was much better.

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