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Default Thanks... I appreciate (and learn) from it!

Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
#16 - GrandMaster Kim’s - Endorsed Referral System that she uses to Sell a Vitamin MLM. Kim is the Only 5th Degree BlackBelt Master from Korea. I Watched her Teach a woman in a wheelchair to Break a Board with her hand. But Her Endorsed Referral System - Can Be Used anywhere.

A - How Dan Kennedy uses a ENDORSED REFERRAL System to Make Tens of Millions.

B - Endorsed Referrals Are The #1 Way Jay Abraham Does Business. (I know cuz I Bartered my way to 15 of Jay’s events.)

C - My former Client - Hollywood Bartender - Bryan RedField - used Endorsed Referral System to Sell 1000’s of Copies of his book, “Bartenders Guide on How to Pick Up Women.”
Hi Glenn,

I love your endorsed referral stuff... Admittedly, I'm not great at it. I should definitely go out and practice it more!

Thanks again for sharing... I really appreciate (and learn) from it...

Best wishes,

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