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Default Some could argue, rightfully, that I am splitting remote direct marketing hairs...

Originally Posted by Dien Rice View Post
Hi Gordon,

One of the "magic" things about what you're talking about is...

While (in most cases) you can't predict what a "specific" single person will do...

You CAN often predict what a certain PERCENTAGE of them will do...

And that's enough!

If I send an email out to my email list, with a promotion... I already know about HOW MANY people will BUY what I'm offering!

I don't know WHO it will be specifically... But I have a good handle on what percentage of people that receive the email, will buy. And that's all you need!

Love to hear more, Gordon!

Best wishes,


Yes Dien, you are right. The concept applied to remote direct marketing, or even in store brick and mortar buying habits can be quantified. And I may not be able to defend the idea as used in remote direct marketing, it is, after all, the Maths of it all.

And being a big math guy, and an advocate of the NPGS and heuristic accounting procedures, I have to agree. Especially when soliciting to previous buyers.

I feel that should be Remote Direct Marketing 101 THE BASICS.

And I agree the collective, the herd, the group is easier to predict and control than an individual.

But this is where this gets really interesting.

Say Bob in Texas runs a small specialty oil refinery, and produces small batches of very market specific 'juice'. Then there is Hans in Germany, who is a buyer for behemoth Euro distributor.

How do you control Bob, Hans, and any other people to make them do what you want them to do for the mutual benefit of all?

Or this. Today, many people are having a birthday. How can Pav's Ice Cream store in downtown Cuyahoga Falls get George Alexander, who is 40 today, to pay the store a visit on his birthday? Trying to control the future behavior of an individual is very exciting.

One easy to conduct experiment I do, on several forums and Facebook groups is to get a given individual to RESPOND to a post, and to predict with great accuracy exactly what that response will be? It gets easier when you know who is who and what they generally have to say.

You can create a knee jerk (Cialidini: click-whirr) reaction by using certain stimuli...and you can create that stimuli weeks in advance.

The tech today of knowing individual behavior vs. group behavior is a frontier we should talk more about. It is an amazing thing to witness when it is happening and the parties involved have NO CLUE they are actually being manipulated behind the scenes.

Now elevate.

Not the X% of report buyers at 39 bux, but how about the X men who spend millions of dollars, and make decisions for giant corporations? That is dang exciting, interesting and I hope to say, profitable beyond belief.

P.S. the Trump PHOENIX rally, loaded with dog whistles, is an example of herd control, planned and executed and we'll see more of them. Trump is really, really good at the herd level, not so great at the personal one.

Also, say George A. gets a co-op postcard in the mail, with several free and special offers good on his birthday only...the small cost of the card, split between vendors add up to a pretty persuasive way to get Georgie Boy in the store.

Having a 1000 cards produced, about a weeks worth, with slug slots for dates and names, is a way to send mass produced media to specific persons.

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