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Default Finding BACKEND Products Need Help!


I need help on finding backend products.

I am selling a leather bracelet with a symbol of an anchor for man. I am trying to understand why people bought it.

It is not the copywriting because I tested the same copy with different models, and this anchor model sells more.

Probably the best way is simply ask to my customers why they bought it.

However I divided in 6 possibilities:

1) They like the visual/design of this one. Simple as this;

2) They like brown leather bracelets in general;

3) They like nautic acessories;

4) They like to wear acessories to shine/flaunt (this one the symbol is quite big);

5) The symbol of the anchor means something. It can be the symbol himself (like connection/safety);

6) The photos of the advertising are very good;

Your thoughts?

Thank you.
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