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Default Another question re "fear of failure"

> One of the areas I'm interested in
in Fritz's work involves that of becoming
"seperated from what you do"....

Before reading Michael's report and Fritz's
works did you grapple with this issue and
if so how did you become objective enough to
seperate yourself from "what you do" so the
"feeling of failure"(if you will, for lack
of a better definition) is reduced...

Thanks in advance for any contributors on this

Here is a summation of Fritz's theory; scroll
to the bottom of the article if you don't want
to read the whole thing(although the whole article
helps put everything into perspective)

So that others who are reading this thread
can track the discussion I've pasted an
article from Fritz's site. Near the end of
the article is a summation of his theory
on creating. It's the "lesson on seperation"
I'm referring to.