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Dien Rice
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Default Praise versus criticism for motivation....

Hi Sandy,

> Many people either consciously or
> unconsciously
> think they can inspire or motivate people by
> berating others or trying to compare what you've
> done by what they've done. That doesn't work
> for me....

Sandy, thanks for your insightful comments.... :)

By the way, on what you said above, I've read an interview with Richard Branson where he says he practically never criticizes his employees....

"I will praise, praise, praise," [Richard Branson] says, "and only criticize if they are going to kill themselves crossing the road. People know when they've done things wrong; they don't need to be told. When I write my letters to employees, you'll never see a line of criticism."

(I've linked to the article this is from below - it's from the second-last page of the article....)

I think Richard Branson is known as someone who can really inspire his employees - in general, from what I hear, people love to work for Virgin.... I think constant criticism often doesn't really help much, it's much better to praise when people do things right.... I think it can make a big difference....

Just my opinion. :)

- Dien Rice

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