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Default What I remember from Joe Cossman...

Originally Posted by MikePT View Post
Hello everyone!!

Happy 2021 everyone!!!

Hope everyone started 2021 well and safe.

My asking tips of the beggining of the year:

Any tips on photos that sell? Ogilvy talks about it.

I sell toys for kids, and I have an intuition that I could be selling much more if I use different photos or video. Like, changing the background, doing a stronger visual contrast.

The toys are cute and "irrestible". The close-up photos I use are very good. I use happy face child on the photos too.

However, I would like to know if you can suggest any examples you recommend to study?

Ogilvy ads are an example for me.

Thank you.

Wishing 2021 starts to soon back our normal lifes back.
Hi Mike,

Not sure if this will help, but...

I remember Joe Cossman writing in one of his books that he often used photos of beauties, babies, and beasts in his photos... Including to help get free publicity...

Beauties I think is self-explaning... Babies also. Beasts means cute animals (like kittens or puppies)!

We're naturally attracted to what's cute!

I now have a 7 month old daughter... We sometimes carry her out for a walk. We're often stopped while walking (most commonly by older-aged women) who want to talk with our daughter, and gush about how cute she is!

I guess that's the kind of thing Joe Cossman was banking on!

Best wishes,

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