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Default Re: Photos That Sell Any Tips?


I don't have an exact answer to your question but perhaps this can help a bit.

A very important thing is to skillfully seek inspiration. At all costs try not to copy the work of other artists. Not because it is unethical, but because it is unprofitable. This is a fundamental mistake that will only lead you to frustration.

Good photos and illustrations must meet four basic conditions to achieve high sales.

They must depict a relevant topic, have a coherent concept, and a well thought out composition.

They must be technically correct.
They must be correctly described with keywords.
They must look good in miniature in order to attract the attention of buyers.

Every successful photo has a distinct theme, whether it depicts a person, a landscape, or a recognizable object. Before you start processing exposure and depth of field, you need to make sure that the photos serve a specific function that you will be able to use commercially. Of course, you will want every photo you submit to look as appealing and professional as possible; however, if you get too deep into the esoteric, your photos may not be as marketable. Finally - it's a good idea to be able to describe your photos with easy-to-find keywords so clients can find them. The essential elements are subject matter, quality, and keywords.

Peter Myers
Nezza Pty. Ltd.
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