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Default Taste test chocolate and candy - and get paid for it!

Sometimes I find information which doesn't normally "fit", but I feel would still be of interest to people here!

Imagine you could eat chocolate and candy all day long, and get paid for it?

This is about a remote job (you work from home)... where you taste test chocolate and candy and get paid for it!

It pays $30/hour - part time (15 hours a week) or full time (40 hours a week)...

No experience required!

The job is with the Candy Funhouse, a company that sells chocolate and candy online...

The job is open to US and Canadian citizens...

The deadline for application is Feb 15, 2021, the day after Valentine's Day...

Here's where you can find the application form (until the deadline)...

And this is the company's website -

Right now, they are selling other people's chocolate and candy. This job is to help them develop their own line of chocolate and candy...

I found out about it from here!

If you apply and get the job, send a few chocolates my way, okay? (Kidding!)

Best wishes!

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