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Default I've never heard of Harvey Brody (reprise)...get this all the time.

Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post
A new HARVEY BRODY webinar, coming soon. He'll cover the questions you may have, and watching ol Joe Cossman in action, might set you to thinking.

So, some Facebook types are looking for guests on their webinars and podcasts and when I put forth Harvey Brody, most have never heard of him.

And maybe you haven't either. But Gary Halbert knew him well, as does Dan Kennedy, and Jay Abraham...and Joe Cossman knew him, as did Joe Karbo, Ben Suarez, Melvin Powers, Jim Straw, and just about every modern day marketer over the age of 40, and that is OLD these days, isn't it?

Harvey Brody is the Godfather of TOLL POSITION strategy. He has simple advice...get a TOLL POSITION and then parlay that into another one and another one.

Few know how to do it.

What questions do you have for him?

Gordon Jay Alexander

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