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Default Re: To succeed you just need... 1,000 True Fans

This may be the one thing that can help make sales for a niche marketer.

As many know me, I was a magician and family entertainer for many years. During this time I sold audios of descriptions of my acts, audios of how I sold my acts, and audios of how to be successful in performing. In addition, I produced hundreds of promo items, flyers, reports, and the like for performers.

I also had a package where I interviewed several performers about their success.

I have sold these things piece-by-piece or in one big package on eBay.

A person would think after all this time, I would have 1,000 true fans. However, I no longer have an eBay account or use PayPal for purchases. AND silly me, I did not keep track of email addresses that I had with services I used and the sales I made. Frankly, I was making good money performing so the eBay sales, etc. were just "fun money."

In any case, a number of groups and forums I belong to are making noises about wanting to buy some materials from me. I made suggestions about making some special reports which would fit with Gordon's price points. I even went to the effort of taking one of my audios and transcribing it into two special reports.

Now, do I go to the effort of trying to sell these reports with setting up a website, payment processors, etc. or just find a JV partner to do all the hard work and split the profits? What a question. I have one person who has 4000 magicians on his list who has expressed interest, but has a LOT of hoops to go through. That would be a way to go.

My question is there a way to find out how many actual "True Fans" a person has?

I have been very tempted to take my main magic act and create a special report describing it and sell it cheaply to build a list and then sell all my other stuff to this list I build. This may very well be what I do.

This may be the way to build the 1000 true fans.... but the performing market may not be BIG enough. Fortunately, I have another market that is much, much bigger.
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