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Default Congratulations and Thanks for Having a Sense of Humor

Thanks Gordon/Dien,

My Goofy Sense of Humor Recently got me BANNED from a
Magazine I was INVITED to post on.

The Editor had a BackGround in Architecture.

So I wrote this tongue-in-Cheek article about the ARCHITECTURE of the library building at a former job - Getting ME in Trouble.

I - I watched a Ninja (On TV) scale a building using the "Chimney" Climbing Strategy.

II - I noticed the back of the University Library had a "Chimney" leading from the base of the building up to a porch over-looking the lake.

III - Came to work at 6am. Climbed the "Chimney" but discovered I was LOCKED out of the building. And didn't know how to Go Back DOWN the "Chimney."

Had to knock on the glass doors. Have a Bewildered Night Shift Security Guard Let me in.

THAT STORY got me tossed out of The Magazines Group of Writers! (Although I noticed Several of THEIR WRITERS are now following everything I write.

New Things.

Bought a 99.00 Solar Oven.

YESTERDAY - Asked a neighbor to come over while I Split wood for a 2nd
Neighbor. Lightning killed a huge 4 foot thick oak tree.

His Job? Keep their young Irish Setter From biting me in the butt. Or getting injured while I was Swinging a sledgehammer.


I cooked Two Hot Dogs in my Solar Oven - While I split wood.

Put the oven on the hood of my truck.

Took about 30 to 40 minutes.

You Should have SEEN the look on his face when I handed him a Plastic FORK
and opened the Solar Oven.

Two cooked hot dogs without Starting a Fire.

Glenn Osborn
Billionaire Watching Club (Idea Testing) Ezine
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