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Default Michael Keaton reveals how he manifests success...

He revealed it in a recent interview...

(Michael Keaton is, of course, the highly successful Hollywood actor... He's incredibly diverse, having succeeded in comedic roles, action movies, and dramas... Even when he disappeared for a few years, he came back stronger than ever...)

The odd thing is - what Michael Keaton says sounds pretty much just like what Gordon Jay Alexander has been hammering into us all of these years!

Here's my excerpt from the recent interview with Michael Keaton... (Bold added by me...)

(Q. is the Questioner or Interviewer, M. is Michael Keaton...)
Michael Keaton: Then, you know that whole thing of how you can manifest things? It’s doable. Your attitude, how you look at things and what you can create is more in your power than a lot of people think.

Questioner: What’s the trick?

M: Here’s the deal: Everything comes down to the question of what do you want? You keep going back to what you want and you go, “Well, I have this”, but, yeah, what do you want? Then you have to drill down and have the balls to say, “If that’s what you really want, then you have to do X.” You know what the rest of it is? Good fortune. A couple of things go your way. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu calls my agent, and he goes, “I want to talk to him about this movie.” Because I like sports so much I use probably too many sports metaphors, but you gotta get tough and be competitive and not want to lie down. Certain things started coming around for me because I said, “I’m not lying down.” I don’t know. I’m probably over-analysing it.


Q. OK. But then what do you actually do after you ask yourself what you really want?

M: You’ll come up with another answer. Then you’ll have to keep asking yourself, Yeah, but what is that? And then if you can live in that — without sounding like I’m saying something that makes me want to go outside and vomit — you kind of raise your consciousness.
It's all based on "What do you want?"

Gordon's eternal question (check the archives), because many people don't really know what they want!

What I gather (from what Michael Keaton is saying) is that, you then keep thinking about what you want... and keep it at the forefront of your mind, and use it as your guiding light as to what you do...

Whaddaya think?

To me, it's fascinating... Especially since many people have never clearly articulated what they want... (And I've sometimes been guilty of that, too...)

Best wishes,


P.S. I got it from here...

‘I probably did get a little bored with myself’: Michael Keaton makes up for lost time

And here's Gordon...

"So for over 6 years out here in Cyberspace, I have been asking the question, "WHAT DO YOU WANT?" followed by the question, "WHY?'. And I've been told that gets annoying. Especially to those that can't answer the question."

"GOALS. What do you want and why? (The 35 year old SQ1 question which the majority can't answer)."

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