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Default Chatteling biz-ops or using what you buy.

As people are looking for opportunities in chatteling, also make note of potential BUSINESSES, as I wrote about years ago. Things like lawn mowers, or good sewing machines, or even copiers, or lamination machines...

Or power washers, or log splitters, or mixers. There is so much PLR out there, you can add value if you offer a Biz-Op on your flip. Here is a deal...

This copier needs work, and he would probably take less...but even at 125 and 500-1000 for repairs, it could be put to work in a garage printing business...and if one writes reports or creates POCKET PRO like booklets, it could produce an income stream.

I don't talk about it enough, but add value to your chattel, by offering it as an income potential.

Also, bookmark this site, here is a current thing near me:

PS Since we're talking land too... here is some offerings at proxibid, one of many auction sites chattelers should have bookmarked.

Originally Posted by Dien Rice View Post
Hi Rick,
The reason why is because many people now need hope!

It is a tough time for many people, with so many jobs lost and businesses closed or otherwise "hobbled" by the current pandemic...

But... there are opportunities out there.
chatteling is one of them!

Best wishes,


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