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Default Re: Some research into COACHING, consulting, and conferences.

Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post
Why all this research into Coaching? Am I going to start it? Well, not exactly.

But I am (finally) going to give the GJA-SQ1 a test run.

But it isn't coaching, but more of a training. One BIG difference between all of the above, every single offer to turn you into a coach, calls for you to learn, use, apply and replicate THEIR SYSTEM, their methods, their process.

And maybe it works for small business, to get systems in place, a cookie cutter, same here as there approach might work (if the business commits to it)...but when you take that

ONE SIZE FITS ALL, Off OUR rack, do it this way type of training, it falls apart at the one person level,

And that is the GJA-SQ1 advantage. CUSTOMIZED, one of a kind training comes from using the tools of the SQ1, as it is done by the individual.

So, how much should my GJA-SQ1 CERTIFICATION cost? And as a money making opportunity, where would it fit on the spectrum of investing in your business of between 69.95 and 140,000 thousand dollars?

Just wondering.
Hi Gordon,

I think the way I would look at it as a potential client would be, how much could I make? Obviously, the more I could make, the more it is worth...

Of course, coaches themselves charge a hugely varying amount - and I'm not so familiar with the "standard" rate. However, if people believe they can make $100 an hour, it might be worth a certain amount. If they believe they can make $200 an hour, it might be worth more. Etc.

Just some thoughts off the old noodle...

Best wishes,

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