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Default Re: Some research into COACHING, consulting, and conferences.

Originally Posted by Rick View Post
I know what's in GJA-SQ1 (well, the old version anyway). I know how valuable it is. It's worth waaaay more than $69.95. I think you should charge at least $297 for it and quite possibly as high as $497. Perhaps you could add some videos to it as well.


Thanks Rick,

What I'm working on setting up is what Harvey Brody calls a Carefree Repetitive Cycle. Sort of like set it and forget it.

So, AUTOMATIC delivery of the SQ1, along with all the other stuff, is the challenge. I don't want to do anything, at this stage, which has customers or clients involved, done with that.

I'm getting proposals of an automatic Word Press site, which can be a complete funnel, delivery and follow up system, without me being involved. It is challenging.

NO customers. NO clients. NO contact with ME, is kind of a different. albeit, a much written about process, ala Ferriss et al.


PS Expanded and defined, Prospect as Product. Targeted ads send to different capture pages, auto responders in place, and once the initial SQ1 is done, by them, automated results and referrals.
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