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Default How ZEKE Became an INSTANT Marketing Consultant

Thanks Dien,

CHAPTER #18 at

Zeke Called Up And Said, “I’m Bored. Can You Turn Me Into a Restaurant Consultant?”

***Merry Christmas Everybody,

You Tell ME whether You Think ZEKE has Big Brass Ones.

Zeke said, “I’d like to eat for Free. That’s why I want to be a Restaurant Consultant.”

ME - “Huh?”

"Okey Dokey.

"We Can Probably make that happen.

ME - “Which Restaurant do you want to Do Marketing for?”

ZEKE - “I dunno. You’re the Expert. You Pick.”

ME - “Ok. I googled your town and there is ONE RAW FOOD Restaurant there. Which is owned by the chef. Go over there and tell me what you See.”

ZEKE - “Well, the owner has a night class which I joined. No Menu’s. He lists the Raw food Recipes on the menu on a CHALK BOARD.”

ME - “Please ask some of the other Patrons WHAT They Like Best About The food.”

ZEKE - LAUGHING. “Most of them HATE the food. They are there because their Doctors Said, “Go to the RAW FOOD restaurant and Eat Or You Are Going to DIE.”

ME - “You’re Kidding?

ZEKE - “Nope.”

ME - “Ok. Is there anyone there who might know what Diners EAT The Most Of - Long Term? Over the past few months? There MUST Be Something they like!

ZEKE - “I Talked to the kid at the Cash Register. Offered to Buy him Lunch. HE CHOSE MCDONALDS!”

ME - “Oh Brother.”

ZEKE - “I Found out there are TWO Desserts and a 3 Different Entree’s that people like best. But The Chef Likes to Cook NEW Stuff that they Hate.

ME - “Ok. Please Tell the Chef You have a Marketing Genius Mentor. At my Direction You Found Out WHAT PEOPLE WANT To EAT More Of. And We Have Created a PlaceMat Which (Your Mentor) Guarantees Will Boost Food Sales.”

ZEKE - “Are You Sure About this?”

ME - “Yeah. We have tested this idea at other Restaurants.”

ZEKE - “Ok, Then. What do I Write on The Placemats?”


“Our Two BEST SELLING Desserts Are:
Dessert I - Dessert 2


Entree 1 - Entree 2 - Entree 3

ZEKE - “Ok. I Showed The Owner the 2 PlaceMats. He Agreed to Cook some of those Items. And I Put out The Placemats on all the tables. Under the Glass Table Covers.”


ME - “How is it going?”

ZEKE - “We Have a Problem. The Chef Is Going NUTS. He Can’t Keep Up with the orders. HE didn’t make enough food in advance. Plus people want to take some home.”

ME - “Ooooops. Maybe The Chef Can Make up some meals. And Freeze them. Put them in one of those Rolling Cake - Dessert Carts I’ve seen in Restaurants.”

ZEKE - “NIX on Spending Munny on a Fancy Food Cart. The Chef says he has an old Chest Freezer at home. He’s Bringing That in to the Restaurant. What do I Write to Get Diners to BUY food to take home out of the Freezer.

That up Next.

ZEKE - “The Chef is really happy. His total Food Sales are up 17%. But I Also HATE the food. Am Really tired of only eating 2 Desserts and 3 other meals. So I am Quitting the Restaurant Consulting Biz. Adios Amigo.

Thanks for Reading About ZEKE’s Instant Consulting Adventure!

Glenn Osborn
Shadow Chef Marketing Consultant
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