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Sandi Bowman
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Default Re: Wher are all the #@#! decision makers???

Maybe this reply will survive...

The best way is to call and ask when the manager/owner is usually in. Generally you'll get a response along the lines of 'they're usually in to open the store at...(time) or they're only in on...(days) or only in the afternoons or only on the weekends'.

Your job then is to narrow things down if they mention specific days as in 'What time do they usually go to lunch?' or some such comment. You don't want to cool your heels for 2 hour lunches.

Unless it's an appointment, and the person suggests it, I usually avoid lunch pitches. Lots of folks, particularly in management, like to take a break from people and work during lunch and resent intrusions.


Sandi Bowman
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