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Default August Lottery Update, forecasts

Exciting .July, ending with the 888 bonanza. Thanks to a mistake made by a clerk, instead of just the one set of pairs, I had two. The plays were 88x, 8x8, x88 and as always, when doing this, the 888 straight.

Now moving to 999 for August. 949 is my wheel play for the week, or until double digits hit again. Rolling Cash 5 patterns have held up, the 13 beginning number was right on, and the wheel did good. Still frustrated I can't get that fifth number. I say, maybe in August. I forecast a very high RC5 this month, maybe starting with a 23, or 25. With a decent wheel, lots of chances to multiply the wins.

A physical injury has me laid up, unable to do much work, but I am researching a lot of interesting money making opportunities.

Many things, like kokoshungsan has grown into huge things, and I see numbers multiplying in all such programs...and the SCAMS too. Maybe it is the desperation. I find it sad, however, I'm not a crusader to protect people from their own recklessness.

Due diligence. As always.

In August, I like 1119 for my Pick four 50 cents play along with 2288. Probably have those daily. That is a dollar a play, so 62 for month...and thank you 888 for paying for those plays.

No hot numbers in pick 3, unlike the 8 of July, so I look for a few ADDS, these are when the numbers add up, like 156, or 235, that sort of a thing.

Starting the month, I like the 45 and the 62 combos. So, my plays will look something like 459, 451, 624, 628.
o, I'm starting off the month, with plays for the next few days, that look like this:

Back Up 50 cents 624, 628, 451, 459, 499.

A wheel of 499 until double digits hit.

1911, 2288, 1515 all boxed for 50.

RC 5 with high digits. Wheels with 3 30's in them.

Good luck to all fellow players, lets make August a HOT winning month.


PS Thanks to those sending me money making opportunities and to the few who have tried some offline cash gifting programs, I look forward to your results. And, also to you chatteling...lots of things for sale.
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