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Default Did You Hear *Homeless Guy's* GENIUS Sales Close, Gordon?

Thanks Gordon,

I gotta THINK about how I can use
the SIGN GUYS Trial close.

THE Set up is the key.

I - Homeless Guy uses Positive Energy - SELF DEPRECATING -
Humorous Signs to Boost His Tips.

"The Wife Got The Mansion and The Mercedes"


II - Video Guy comes over and thinks to P*AY The Sign Guy
to show off his signs - for ONLY the Cost of a Bottle of Beer.

III - Homeless Guy RENAMES the Video Guy, "Dave Letterman"

REBRANDS himself.

Using Dave's "TOP TEN LIST."

Except says, "TOP TEN SIGNS"

IV - Goes thru his Cardboard Signs. Many of which MAKE FUN of Famous People.
VERY CLEAR he has read - At Least - The Title of Their Books.

Sign Guy says, "I read Tony Robbins Book about THE GIANT."


"The Secret.
"Tony Robbins

WHICH I LOVED. Cuz he has a Point. You cannot READ a Book and Have
it Change your Life. You GOTTA TAKE ACTION.

Flips over a sign that says, "LIVING THE DREAM!"

V - You Know The Quote, "ALWAYS BE CLOSING?"

The SIGN GUY - Realizing he has the Videographer BACKED INTO a Corner
because it would Look BAD - On Video - if he refused to TIP.

HELD OUT HIS TIP JAR to the Camera.

And said, "I Accept Tips."

AND YOU See the Camera Wobble as the Guy behind the Video Camera
frantically digs thru his pockets.

GREAT EXAMPLE of How to Set Up a S*ales
Situation where the B*uying Prospect CANNOT SAY "No."

Without looking REALLY BAD.

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