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Default I loves me some cash and Money Orders.

Millard, I like it. When I sold the original version of the THE CHATTEL REPORT: THE SPRINT TO FREEDOM, I only accepted USPS money orders. And I was sending out 8, 10, 17 a day. Today, with some of the cash gifting programs I am in, and in spite of all the bad news about the USPS, we are seeing hundreds of dollars in cash coming in through the mails.

I recall Bud Riggs used a device on his phone to take credit cards from people who wanted their headlights cleaned, can't remember which one, it is in the report (I'll have to find it and read it)...and the charges were about the same as if he had a merchant account. I have done a lot of CHATTELING with people and ask them to use FACEBOOK messenger, which goes right into my debit account.

I have a MasterClass account, and I like that model too; record, post and it lives on for years to come as an ON DEMAND product.


Originally Posted by Millard Grubb View Post

I like your thinking along this line. I've been looking into Facebook LIVE and GotoMeeting as platforms to do some things.

I already have a lot of audio files about my performing career and have been testing the waters. The one thing I am trying to do is find alternative pay sites or venues to sell my stuff. I got burned on Ebay a few times as well as had PayPal take funds from me after I had delivered a product (consulting by phone) to a client.

Any sales I have made lately are paid via snail mail and postal money orders... Yeah, yeah, I know it cuts sales but I'd rather develop a relationship over time and get paid rather than make a few sales here and there.

What I do is get a consulting client and then add some audio files as a bonus.

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