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Default *FORBIDDEN Book List #3-How to Get HIGH w/Out DRUGS

Thanks Gordon,

Since my Recent Research Shows...

***80% of Americans Drink 2 Cups or more of coffee a day.

***Casino's Seem to Be Everywhere.

***Marijuana is Going Legal in more and more States.

***DESIGNER Drugs - Made Here in The USA - are Replacing Cocaine and Heroin

I Decided to ADAPT to This TREND
Adding A Few WACKY WORDS to My Latest (Cheap/Affordable) INFO Product Headline:

"Forbidden Book List Part #1 - Contains a Whole SLEW
of NLP Books that NOBODY knows about.

"Forbidden Book List Part #2 - Contains UNKNOWN books about the
Geniuses of the past 100 Years - Who Changed The World by Being
DIFFERENT and Forcing others to Their Way of Viewing the World.


"Forbidden Book List Part #3 -"How to Get HIGH Without DRUGS" - Contains 29
NON-TRADITIONAL Sales and Marketing Books.

'UNIQUE because All of them we Found thru Referrals from
VERY AFFLUENT entrepreneurs. (Not the NYTimes Best Seller List. Or some Self Serving Guru.)

The Sales Letter FITS our new
Website THEME too.

Because we Give Away some CHRISTMAS GIFTS in the Sales LEtter
Which Take BRASS OVARIES to Apply and Try and Profit from.

My Only GOAL For Sowpub Readers?

To Put a BIG SMILE on Your Face as You read. And Possibly some Extra
DINERO in your Pocket for Xmas.

Glenn Osborn
Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association
MASTER of Ceremonies at The Billionaire Watching Club

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