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Default He learned as a young guy, the courts are your friend.

It isn't about being right or wrong, or just even. He learned from SCIENTOLOGY, that tying up the courts' time, is an effective weapon to keep doing what you want to do.

See, all the filings taking place against the USPS, are time delay stratergies (tip of hat to Bush 2)...

Hog tie them in court. Make em spend their money, in this case, OUR money...the overwhelmed and underfunded USPS can't afford the costs...

it is a Trump stratergize he's used time and again, with the unions, with competitors, with anyone who challenges him...and he also had some of the most tenacious and vicious lawyers, who would/will do anything to defend him...know exactly what they are doing.

I think the Democrats are in over their heads, Biden becoming a Johah in the mouth of the Whale, TRUMP WILL get another four years.

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