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Default Thanks Dien, new lucky pick 3 lottery dice GAME to be sold soon...

Thank you Dien, you're on fire friend, some great info in the newsletters, love the wedding vow writer, should do that one myself. Little "Tink" is an ordained minister of some sort, she's performed several wedding ceremonies, maybe we could offer a complete package. When she gets back from CA, we'll talk about it (she has a place in NYC, a friend in LA and an apt here in the Falls, spends about a month in each of them) anyhow...

I will be offering my newest lottery product on Ahoyo, a 3 digit lottery DICE game. Will start testing next week. I'm selling it for 20 and offering a 75% commission with DROP SHIPPING for any potential affiliates. It is an offline project folded into other OFFLINE stuff, honestly, I want more off line activity.

The backends are KITS, at a couple different levels...TESTING, testing and testing. Lottery is an evergreen marketplace, but I want them offline for now.

If it works, maybe I'll create more Ahoyo pages or products, it meshes very nicely with the whole HOTSHEET or one Automatic Product Vending sites, I hope it works, could set up simple little APV in an hour...and I really like the forms being all done for you too.

We'll see, but THANKS for sharing your golden finds with us.


PS. May test a color coded COPYWRITING product too, a course on giant 9x12 postcards which can be written on and erased. Have the product mostly ready, just don't want to overload my plate, as I have had a tendency to do.

Simple sites like Ahoyo gives me (us all) a chance to test a concept and see what happens.

Originally Posted by Dien Rice View Post
Hi Millard,

That was my thought too (about saving time)!

I have the ability to create websites... But - one project I'm thinking of - I might need to create potentially hundreds of little websites (each one selling something I can only sell once)...

Setting something like that up the conventional way would be quite slow... I'm hoping - if I go ahead with this idea - that this will speed things up!

We'll see, as I'm still mulling it over...

Thanks, Millard, for sharing your thoughts!

Best wishes,

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