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Default How 89,000.00 Stuffed in a Strippers G-String-Got Me 2 Clients.

Thanks Gordon,

You Never Really KNOW what people will do when they
Suddenly Get BIG BUCKS.

This guy Sure SURPRISED me.



CHAPTER #14 - How 89K of MY MUNNY-Stuffed in a Strippers G-String- Got Me 2 Clients.

Dear Friend,

Jimmy from Georgia got Referred to me.

Told me how his Uncle had FIRED him from his own Business. Charging 500 bucks to Fix Credit Card Debt.

I KNEW about this already.

There are ways to Legally Force the 3 Credit Card Companies to EXPUNGE or Clear off each bad Debt item in Your Credit Report.

(EVERYTHING you read says Different) But if you KNOW what to say in your Registered/Certified Delivery letter You CAN do it. BY LAW - The Credit companies have to REPLY to your Request within a certain time. SO WHEN U ASK Questions about your Credit Report that take LONGER than 30 days to Get the Information back to you. You Force the 3 Companies to DELETE that item from your Report.)

Jimmy was Amazing.

He had the Answers to ALL my Difficult Questions on the tip of his tongue.

So We Wrote a 3 Page Report:

“Credit Card NIGHTMARES & How I’ve Solved Them”


“Instead of going to Gas Stations. Go somewhere with more Affluent Prospects.
Like a Mall or a Charity Event or NightClub.”

Wear a Badge that Says,
“Credit Card

“When someones comes up to ASK you about your Badge. HAND them My Report. Then Charge them 500 Bucks to Fix Their Bad Credit.

JIMMY Went all out.
Got a BRIGHT YELLOW 8 by 10 Sign Laminated.

Hung it around his neck.

Walked around a Fancy Mall all day Saturday and Sunday.

Jimmy Called back to report he had Made 5000 Bucks in 2 days!

(I actually Over-Heard one such s*ale to a Cashier at the Mall. In the 3 Page REPORT I’d written down 5 STORIES about the 5 Most Common Causes of BAD CREDIT that Jimmy had fixed. And the lady said, “Oh, this one is me. How Much to Fix my Credit?”)


Jimmy kept calling to Ask, “What do I do Next? — until he employed dozens of Stay-at-Home-Mom’s to Handwrite Letters to The Credit Companies.”

When I asked WHY he did that.

Jimmy said his income was up to 89,000.00 a month and the CREDIT CARD company were trying to FIND him. Shut him down.

THEN I SAID, “Ok, Please send me some of that 89K a month. You can Afford to P*AY ME Now.”

Jimmy for a while.


(EDITORS NOTE - You Can Find This Entire Essay - online - Just Google - “ralph waldo emerson essay on compensation”.

Emerson is One of Our Foremost AMERICAN Philosophers. Ralph Waldo Emerson said in his ESSAY ON COMPENSATION…

This is My Translation - “When You Are Hired By an UNGRATEFUL EMPLOYER - Work Harder even though you don’t get Paid. Because you are Earning Compound Interest from The Universe. Not only can’t Your Boss STEAL what you have learned. But the Universe will Pay You Back MANY TIMES - some way - some how.)

WOW - HOWDY did this Work!

Makes a FUNNY Story too.

FIRST - I get a Call from, Alice, a College Coed Jimmy Hired to do some of some of his Credit Card Work.

Jimmy was “Hitting” on her. She wanted my help setting up her own “Credit Repair Business.”

ALICE wanted to Hire Me to Help Her S*ell 500.00 Credit Repair to her Co-workers at her part time job at SPRINT - without them knowing SHE WAS Getting their munny.


Has BRASS OVARIES and Takes Action in Ways We Would Have NEVER Thunk up. So Stay Tuned for MORE Stories About Alice.

SECOND - I get a Phone Call from TALIA-The-Stripper Whose G-String DRUNK JIMMY was Stuffing my 89,000 Bucks into.

Talia calls herself a “Dancing Psychologist”. She only Lap Dances for Rich Married Men whose Wives Won’t LISTEN to their Problems.

But She Made an EXCEPTION for Jimmy.

Talia Explained that THE REASON Jimmy’s Uncle threw him out of his company was JIMMY Had Fallen in LUV with Talia. Was a GENEROUS DRUNK who Put all his Munny into her G-String.

And Now That Jimmy was “RICH and DRUNK AGAIN” he was Bragging about his Mentor - who had helped him make 89K a Month Cash.

NEEDLESS to Say - I was a Bit STARTLED.

But Talia Explained that After Her Parents were killed in a Car Crash - She bought a fake ID. And Started Dancing as a way to Keep her 3 Brothers and Sisters together.

The Girl Has Guts.

THIRD - Talia Wanted to HIRE ME to Help her and a Gal Pal Make BIG MUNNY at her Girl Friends WEDDING!



We Made a Lot of Munny Together. But THAT is yet another Story - You will hear about later.



Jimmy has Several BAD HABITS.

Drinking is one.

Parking illegally and Tossing the Tickets is a 2nd BAD Habit.

Jimmy had been Getting dozens of Parking tickets. Tossing them on the floor of his car.

He was Arrested.

Thrown into a BRAND - SPANKING New Prison that Gets Paid federal Funds for each prisoner they keep behind bars.

Jimmy got his ONE PHONE Call. Called his “Business Partner”. Who REFUSED to P*AY his Bail.

And Jimmy RESTED behind Bars for a Couple Months - with no way to Call OUTSIDE - because he Represented Extra C*ash to the State.

(EDITORS NOTE - I know this cuz Jimmy Called me when he FINALLY got Out of Jail. Wanted help with a NEW BUSINESS. Cuz his Credit Repair Biz Fell Apart while he was INCARCERATED.)

I Said, “No Thank You” and Hung up.

Never told Jimmy about the 2 New Clients he Referred Me.

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