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Talking Wher are all the #@#! decision makers???

Well, I have been doing my first few rounds of cold-calling over the past week -- meaning, FIRST EVER regarding sales of any kind... It's not so bad, and I'm learning a lot! However, it boggles my mind how many small stores and big chains rarely have anyone on site to make decisions on things like advertising, parking lot cleaning, landscaping, etc... In most cases, however, most everyone is nice and helpful and I'm at least given the names and numbers of outside mgmt companies or organizations or whoever I need to contact and in most circumstances, I am left with voice-mail or email rather than a live person... Out of about 25 cold-calls (walk-ins), I met about 4 owner/mgrs and "closed" the 4...
Talking and convincing wasn't the tough part as I imagined -- finding the decision maker is the hard part! Geeeeeeezzzz.... I have a new respect for outside salespeople -- especialy the "cold callers"... It's frustrating and slow, but if anyone knows of any tricks or "call-ahead" phone techniques, I'm all ears!!!
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