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Default #2 TW and #3 Definitions.

OK. So, you don't get paid for doing nothing. Soon, we will dive into the HOW and the many paths one can take. But first,

people. I don't know of anyone who is truly self-made, especially in IM, albeit many chest thump. Almost all success depends on the people you work with, or surround yourself with.

Some use a number system, some an A, B, C. Whatever, here are the 5 types of people.

1- Family. Often well intentioned but too often judgmental and negative toward your goals. If your family doesn't support your efforts, you are in for a struggle. Make time for loved ones, but if they are negative, NOT DURING work hours.

2- Friends. These want your play time, and those are dangerous to your goals, treat them as family, set aside play time. Other friends encourage, support and may even help you, make time for these.

3- TIME WASTERS. Avoid these like plague infested rats, because they will kill your hopes and dreams. More on these later.

4-Mentors. If you are lucky enough to find someone who will mentor you, then treat them like gold, and avail yourself to their schedule, it may be the best use of time you do in your quest. Mentors aren't paid.

6- Consultants, Experts, PAID. If you hire someone, make sure you check them out and are compatible with them, the best consultants LISTEN first, before they start spouting off their knowledge, which may, or may not be suitable to your needs. Lots of time and money wasted if you hire the wrong consultant.

I'll have more to say on these in my update which I am putting in RED and reflect my OPINIONS only, feel free to challenge any of them.

#3 Definitions. Over the last 20 years, I see a lot of misunderstanding, sort of like on a soap opera or TV show where someone enters the room, sees something (usually a kiss or hug) and makes ASSUMPTIONS which lead to all kinds of drama (as it should in entertainment, but not so much in life).

Here are some examples. PASSION. What does it mean to you? See, one of the great regurgitated pieces of advice is; follow your passion and the money will follow.

But if you have a different definition of passion, than the people you are working with, then things get sloppy and messy. You will find in our archives the story of how my passion dream turned into my alarming nightmare with my golf shop. The nutshell version, I started a very successful golf training business and it not only ate my lunch, but destroyed my life at the time. So, I get the whole passion thing, what many leave out is that once you have turned your passion into a business, then the many hidden details can make you hate the thing you once loved.

TRAFFIC. What is traffic? Millions of people are looking for traffic. I'm not sure what anyone else thinks, but I'm not convinced that eyeballs in and of themselves translate into business. A few years back, I spoke with many businesses which were running ads on billboards, which are expensive in my area. And, most of them never even recouped their money for the cost of the ad, in spite of thousands of eyeballs seeing it every day for 30 days.

That was actually good for me, at the time, offering a DIRECT MARKETING campaign with verifiable results and targeted to TRAFFIC most likely to be interested. Traffic is touted as the key to Internet Marketing success, and there is some truth in that. A good FACEBOOK ad targeted to a niche group with either a passion or a problem (as our resident expert [or soon to be] Dien Rice can 'Amen')...could produce fantastic results.

BUT GETTING the right TRAFFIC is only the beginning, you have to convert them to BUYERS.

Goals. Motivation. Distractions. Focus. All of these have personal definitions, so when you work with other people, you want to get on the same page and have the same definitions for your jargon, the vocabulary of use must share the same definition, otherwise, you will get blindsided down the road.

Lessons #2 and #3 dovetail with 'you don't get paid for doing nothing' because what you decide to DO, will be dependent on other people, people who are either in synch with you and make reaching your goals a pleasure and are good traveling companions...OR, they might derail or sabotage your efforts, or worse, LOVE you to the poorhouse with their good intentions.

Now for the red.

MY list of the 5 types of people is just that, my list, and is arbitrary. You should make your own. FAMILY is the hardest to deal with, especially if they are not business or goal oriented. Most of our families don't get IM or the Internet. But maybe your family does. Great. You have a powerful support system, don't abuse it. When you are thinking about the people you allow in your life, are they helpful or not? If you see they are not, make sure your WORK time is very separate from your leisure time, and train them to know the difference.

I have my own idiosyncrasies which I must deal with, one is SPEED. I'm a fast person; think, talk and act quickly. I have problems with those who are more deliberate, who take time, or talk too slow. Back in the day of the cassette tape, I would have to use the chipmunk speed on some of the most popular of speakers, their slow speech patterns drove me crazy. Guys like Tony Robbins, who go a mile a minute with their talk are much more compatible for me.

You need to know your own strengths and weaknesses, and select compatible people to work with.

Over the last 20 years, one of the biggest TIME WASTERS I encountered was ME. And what I did, especially my morning routine, after writing. Too much checking out forums, reading news, watching kitties and puppies...and even worse, responding to people on other forums who stated absolutes or who had the answer. I am not big on people who are CERTAIN, although it is a magnetic personality trait to so many.

But even though I was a slow learner, I did learn, and have restricted the biggest time waster (me) to very limited amounts of time at specific intervals throughout my day. It is a habit I should have developed much sooner online, and this is my 34th year of online activity, and www since day one.

It was all so new and exciting, and everyday something would pop up and like a summer butterfly in the flower garden, I'd flutter from one thing to another.


Work with other people, but don't let them waste your WORK time.

AND GET on the same page with others, making sure your definition of whatever, is the same as theirs. And now, comes the HOW.

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